Why you need law of attraction coaching

Why Do you need Law Of Attraction Coaching?

Have you ever seen the movie “The Secret“? If you are like half of the people in the country than the answer is yes. If you have seen the movie you have to have been compelled like I was to attempt to use the law of attraction and manifest abundance in your life. If you are like me, you did everything that the movie said to do, but came up a little short on the results side. So was the movie just full of crap then? Was it just a bunch of lies to make money off of us? You might have come to that conclusion as I myself started to feel that way. I decided to take things a step further and look deeper into the law to find out more.

My Discoveries About The Law

Even though I didn’t attract the new car I wanted after watching the secret, I did feel like I attracted a few things into my life that I did want that were completely unexpected. These were such a surprise that I could not blame it all on pure luck. I had a few random checks come to me from literally out of the blue and a few were for thousands of dollars. No joke at all. Now, as a few people may argue that the timing was random and I would have gotten these checks anyway, there is now way for anyone to prove that. What I can say is that it all happened right after watching the movie and applying the suggestions. This lead me to believe that it all wasn’t a hoax. There had to be some realness to this. Why would there be so many books written about it and millionaires across the globe who swear by it if it didn’t work. There are even bible versus about the law. So how do I find out more? Well, you are not going to do it on your own which brings me to my next point.

Why You Need A Law Of Attraction Coach

I needed to know more and it wasn’t going to happen on my own. I found 2 things that helped me learn more, the first was http://www.lawofattractioncoaching.net¬†where I found a student from Bob Proctor who offered a free course on learning the law. It was 30 days of emails that laid out the footwork of the law of attraction. There was some great advice, a few free gifts and some great programs to help accelerate my knowledge. One of those programs was Six minutes to success which is by Bob Proctor himself. You can learn more by visiting www.sixminutestosuccess.net. In this program I got a little boost every
more from Bob himself as well as Sandy Gallagher. It seemed really simple but had a profound affect on my success. 3-feet-from-gold-napoleon-hill-2From there I took some advanced coaching which helped push me over the edge. It was a 13 month program and we were put into groups that connected once a week. In-between the meetings, we had homework so the program took up the entire year. Because of this, I left a job that I hated and started going after my passions in life and feeling free again. I learned keys to the law of attraction that were left out of the secret and once you understand them, you can literally achieve anything in life that you desire. It is nuts, but it does take work. Not hard work, but persistence. This is why I think a lot of people fail in life. They give up before they hit gold.

I can’t stress enough how much law of attraction coaching has helped me to improve my life and manifest my dreams that I never thought were possible. Get a coach and go after your dreams today!


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