FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Web App update inbound


EA Sports have a fairly Buy Fifa 14 Coins sizable update coming to the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Web App soon. Here’s a list of (some of) what to expect from the update:

Added the ability to Re-List all previously unsold Items.
Added the ability to find all similar Items when searching the Transfer Market (ex. Find All Messi’s)
Applying Consumables is now a two-step process, but prevents Consumables from accidentally being applied.
Items are automatically added to the Transfer Targets section when attempting to Buy Now with Items in the Unassigned Pile
Changes to Squads are automatically saved when leaving the Active Squad screen. Users still have the option to save manually.
Chemistry Style icons now appear when comparing players on the Active Squad screen
Unique colours for the pack opening animation (Bronze, Silver, and Gold).
Changed the fonts app wide to match FUT Console
All this, and potentially more is expected ‘next week’, according to EA’s blog post, found here. Speaking from experience, some of these functions are much-needed improvements. Most have either been omitted from the web version of Ultimate Team, or will make user’s lives much easier. For example, both of these apply in the case of the ‘Re-List All’ function.

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